Adult Education Budget

What is the Adult Education Budget?

The Adult Education Budget (AEB) aims to engage adults and provide the skills and learning they need to equip them for work, an apprenticeship or other learning. It enables more flexible tailored programmes of learning to be made available, which may or may not require a qualification, to help eligible learners engage in learning, build confidence, and/or enhance their wellbeing in the workplace. 

Who is Eligible? (All criteria must apply)

  • Anyone who is 19 - 23 years of age at commencement of training
  • In full time employment in England
  • Completing thier first level 2 or 3 Qualification
  • Any business qualifies regardless of size, employee number or turnover


  • 24+ years of age
  • Unemployed
  • Completing thier first level 2 Qualification

What Qualifications Are Included?

Benefits of AEB

  • The Government is still fully funding training and development for your employed staff who are aged between 19-23
  • This funding will not affect your Levy account if applicable
  • Nationally recognised and certificated qualifications
  • Substantially boosts your training budget
  • No employer contribution
  • On site delivery & distance learning available