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Your apprenticeship questions answered

Are apprenticeships just for people who don’t get the grades to go to university?

Definitely not! Apprenticeships are an alternative!! Those choosing apprenticeships are often ambitious and keen to get a head start on the career ladder and gain that all important work experience that going to University often doesn’t offer. A lot of apprenticeships have their own UCAS point entry requirements, asking for higher grades than many universities.

I’m not aged 16 – 18, can I do an apprenticeship?

Of course you can! There is no upper age limit for apprentices. As mentioned, we offer apprenticeships in a range of different sectors. If you’re unsure or need more information, you can call us on 01432 359244 or complete an application form today

I’m already employed but I’m keen to gain a qualification – what can I do?

Look no further –Riverside Training offer work based learning qualifications, available to those already in the world of work. Our qualifications are fully funded by the Government with no cost to your employers until May 2017.  All training is done in your workplace. Sound interesting?

Aren’t apprenticeships mainly just labour intensive and manual work?

Traditionally, yes – however, not anymore, and this is one myth we’re keen to bust! Apprenticeships are now offered in a range of professions including Business, Management and Financial Services – and that’s just to name a few. Take a look at our Qualifications Page to find out exactly what we offer.

Do graduates have better career prospects?

Apprentices are likely to be kept on at their company after completing their training. Graduates often struggle to find a job relevant to their degree due to massive competition and might have to find part-time work. Apprentices could well be in a position of management by the time their peers finish university.

Apprentices earn money from day one too, albeit on a reduced wage, but one that increases over the course of the apprenticeship. Graduates usually start on a higher wage but have thousands of pounds of debt to pay

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