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Online Apprenticeship Learning

In today’s society more and more of what we do is online. It makes sense then to incorporate online tutorial sessions – webinars – into the apprenticeship programmes. To date we have developed 24 sessions covering topics from both level 2 and level 3 programmes and spanning Customer Service, Management, Team Leading and Business Administration.

The webinars are delivered live at set times but the sessions are recorded so that people who cannot join in live, because of work, or other, commitments, can view the recordings at their leisure.

Our webinars are based on the knowledge and understanding elements, of specific units, within different pathways. They are a good way to learn the basics of topics and ideas which are new to an individual, or to embed/refresh existing knowledge. Some webinars have accompanying workbooks which, when completed, can be used as evidence towards qualifications.

The webinars are an hour long and include questions and discussion points so that the audience can participate. Polls are also run to involve the audience further. Attendees are encouraged to take part as it adds depth and meaning to the topics being covered.

Attending the webinars will give a blended approach to learning and will help learners to achieve Guided Learning Hours for their qualifications.

Speakers are essential for taking part in a webinar and a microphone will make participation easier. There is a chat function however, so individuals can take part by typing out their comments/questions/experiences.

Feedback from Past Attendees

Hear previous online Apprenticeship Learners

Enjoyed this session and feel that Kelly involves everyone in these sessions


Fantastic webinar, Kelly made the webinar interesting and explained the units very well


Kelly made a lot of effort to make the session interactive which I think worked well


Kelly as always was very informative


You have really helped shed some light on another heavy subject!


Kelly is fantastic – she explains everything in a lot of detail. Always leave the webinar with more knowledge and understanding. Massive help! Credit to what she does. Thanks


Great session, really useful


Very interesting webinar today


Great learning opportunity – really well explained – made the subject easy to understand


Really helpful, really lovely and very engaging


Kelly is a great presenter – have been on many webinars with her and very happy with all. Thank you!


Fantastic way to learn, I really enjoyed the webinar course and got a lot out of it


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