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Apprenticeship information for Parents & Guardians

Riverside would like to encourage parents/ guardians/carers to be involved and informed in how their son/ daughter is progressing on their Apprenticeship programme so that they can support their son/ daughter where appropriate.

We write to all Parents/Guardians of Apprentices aged 16-18 years to make you aware of the commitment and expectations of the programme so that it is a productive and rewarding experience.


Key information for parents:

  • All our Employers are carefully vetted prior to starting the placement. This includes carrying out a Risk Assessment and Health & Safety audit. We encourage employers to interview prospective learners so that both parties agree to the offer.
  • All our Training Consultants are qualified assessors and undergo a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check as part of our selection process. We provide continuous professional development to ensure that our staff know the latest industrial and teaching standards.
  • Learners complete their qualification using an online e-portfolio (smartassessor.com ) with access to resources and uploading of evidence from a computer, tablet or smart phone. Our Consultants are notified when something is uploaded and respond with feedback and support. Learners should expect to put in 2-3 hours a week into the qualification, usually during work time.
  • Every three months, we sit down with the learner and their line manager/supervisor to review progress and agree development targets for the next quarter.
  • We work with a wide range of learners and employers, monitoring each learner’s progress. Our Assessors build positive professional relationships with employers and learners. We also recognise that parents and carers can provide essential feedback about learners inside and outside of work. We invite parents to contact us if they want to know more or discuss progress and future options for your son/daughter’s development.
Meet our designated safeguarding officer, Philip Broomhead

Keeping young people safe during their apprenticeship

Philip Broomhead Riverside Training

Philip is the Quality Manager for Riverside Training; he has been in this position since June 2009 and has worked with the company since August 2002. As a senior manager, he is involved in providing Strategic and Quality Management and leadership for Apprenticeship training. With over 30 years’ experience in the FE Sector, he is an active member of the Marches Skills Provider Network promoting work based learning to wider stakeholders.

Contact Philip

01432 359 244

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Useful contact, support & advice for your apprenticeship

If you are looking for support or advice regarding any issues your child may be experiencing, Riverside has compiled a list of useful Advice and Support contacts:

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