What Does A Project Manager Do Everyday?

If you’re at the stage of wondering what a project manager does on a daily basis then read this blog "what does a project manager do everyday" The challenges and obstacles you will face every day are and will be unpredictable making co-ordination and control very important. Below you will see a snippet of what to expect on a daily basis in the life of a project manager.

what does a project manager do everyday
Organisation – Organisation will play a vital part in being a successful project manager. Making sure that you have each stage of the project planned well and that the team who are working with you understand their individual objectives. It will be good if you explained why this is your teams objectives so they can understand why they’re doing it. Plus you will need to know what is going on with the project and what you will need to be doing on a daily basis.

Leading a team – leading and motivating your team will come apart of your daily activity as a project manager. You will be expected to lead them in the correct manager making sure that motivation is high so that you achieve your deadlines and objectives on time staying with the projects budget. You will have daily/weekly catch ups with your team to make sure you’re on track to complete the project you’re working on, on time.

Money Management – managing your money spend will be more than just monitoring what your spending your money on, you will have to monitor the work that is actually being done. This will give you an idea if you’re going to over spend on the project.

Delegation – Delegating effectively within your team will free up more time for you get on with the tasks you need to complete the job within a set time frame. You have to remember that you can’t do everything and will need to delegate. This is good practice for project management.

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Decision making – As a project manager you will have to be a strong decision maker although not every decision will be the correct one but you need to be firm with your decisions. After all you’re the one managing the project so if you think it’s the right decision you need to go with it.

Customer relationships - focus on your customers’ needs and wants throughout the project keeping them happy at every stage possible. If you don’t keep your customer happy then this will cause issues throughout making a simple task difficult which you don’t want when working towards deadlines.

Meetings – Holding meetings and writing agendas will come apart of your daily life as project manager as you will need to keep your team updated with each stage of the project keeping everything on track. From this you will be able to make sure that all tasks are completed and on the right path for the project’s completion.

Emails – A well organised project manager will choose a set time to action all emails which is usually in the morning before the business day starts. Replying to all enquiries or problems that may have risen to keep the project moving in the right direction.

Celebrate Milestones – Throughout the project you will have objectives that will have completed on time within the budget you allocated. This will be important for you and your team as it will keep them motivated as some stages of the project won’t go to plan so you will need to keep spirits high.

This is only a short outline of what you can expect to do as a project manager on a daily basis. If you’re thinking of becoming or want to become a project manager then read our blog “want to become a project manager” this will give you some inspiration.

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