Chloe's Story

Chloe Watkins Jun 18

“When I began my employment with Riverside Training Limited, I had just completed two years at Hereford Sixth Form College. Knowing that I wanted to continue learning as well as gaining practical work based experience, I began looking for an apprenticeship.

Before starting work, Riverside made me aware of some of the courses offered through the Skills Support for Employees project such as Microsoft Excel – Basic and Intermediate, Social Media and Team Leading. Despite being educated in a generation where technology and computer skills are the norm my technology skills were very minimal and the Excel courses seemed like the perfect opportunity to further my knowledge and understand how to use the software fully.

When taking the basic Excel course, it became clear to me that the lack of use and familiarity with the software was a barrier to the technical terminology and knowing where to find the all the functions. Luckily the tutor was aware of the mixed ability of his class and continued to pause for the students who were less Microsoft Excel familiar to catch up and ask questions.

After completing both the Microsoft Excel Basic and Intermediate courses I now know what functions I can use to speed up my data analysis as well as data inputting. I am now able to set out reports in an organised and presentable format which is not time consuming to complete.
From taking two days out of the office to complete these two courses I have been able to become more productive and efficient in completing the tasks set to me by my employer. My employer has also benefited by gaining a more skilled staff member without the need to pay for an Excel crash course and without the need for hiring a more skilled and able employee.

My future plans involve continuing my education including through ESF courses where possible, and escalating through apprenticeship levels until I am satisfied with my knowledge and ability to complete tasks set by my employer in my job role. After completing my Business Administration Level 2 Apprenticeship I intend to complete a bookkeeping course and then progress onto a Level 3 financial/accounting apprenticeship.”


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