Duration: 1 DAY


In this unit you will develop skills to input, manipulate and output data, using complex and non-routine techniques to analyse and interpret the required information. You will use complex and non-routine knowledge and understanding, for example, data restrictions, data validation using formulae, pivot tables, data maps to set up and develop the functionality of spreadsheets in work based scenarios. You will use advanced spreadsheet tools, functions and techniques that are complex, require new learning aid and, at times, will involve having the idea that there may be a tool or function to your task easier.

  • Import Data from External Files
  • Use Data Validation (Drop Down Lists)
  • Use Conditional Formatting
  • Auto Filters
  • Advanced Auto Filtering (Subtotal)
  • Using Named Cells and Ranges
  • Calculating Across Worksheets
  • Protecting Worksheets
  • Advanced Functions (IF, AND, OR, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, CONCATENATE etc.)
  • Introduction to Pivot tables & Pivot Table Charts


Courses are delivered as workshops to gain new knowledge. Successful Certification comes from completing an external test or work based assignment focused on your business.

Courses are delivered at our Offices in Hereford or, if appropriate, can be delivered in your workplace according to numbers.