Duration: 1 DAY


Spreadsheet software is used regularly in businesses to present data, to calculate costs and to create graphs and charts. In this unit you will learn how to enter, edit and organise numerical data, and how to manipulate and analyse data using formulae and data analysis tools. You will also learn how to organise and present data by using page layout and graph and chart tools where appropriate.

  • Understand the Excel screen layout & Shortcuts
  • Understand basic excel terminology (Cell, range, Ribbon, Highlight, Drag etc)
  • Formatting Cells (Currency, Date, Percentage etc)
  • Using Simple formulas
  • Using simple functions (SUM, AVERAGE, MIN, MAX etc)
  • Adding new worksheets
  • Inserting new columns and rows
  • Absolute and relative cell references
  • Freezing rows and columns
  • Sorting data
  • Setting margins and printing options
  • Creating basic charts


Courses are delivered as workshops to gain new knowledge. Successful Certification comes from completing an external test or work based assignment focused on your business.