Marketing Fundamentals

Duration: 2 days

Anyone who is looking to increase awareness of their company, product or service. Those who have identified their target audience or are looking to do so and are ready to discover the various methods, platforms & strategies available:

  • The role & importance of marketing
  • How marketing improves profitability & competitiveness
  • Market Reasearch- segmentation & analysis to make generating enquiries and sales opportunities easier
  • Developing marketing skills & knowledge
  • Relationships between sales & marketing, how to make it seamless
  • Marketing strategy- how to create, manage & deliver a plan
  • Keywords - getting them right for your target market & search engines
  • Target market, who to sell to and how to find them
  • Packaging your products and services, making up-selling and cross-selling easier
  • Unique Selling Points- how to define and stand out
  • Message- What is your story? What are you about? Getting this across in a precise & succinct way
  • 40 Seconds Elevator Pitch- make the most of networking and how to be clear about your offering, so people ‘get it’.
  • Website Review - find out what Google thinks of your website, how it is ranked and ways to improve it
  • The role of social media – how you can use social media to increase sales, generating engagement without payment
  • Hashtags- ensuring they are effective, good ones for your business (they are different for everyone)